What to Expect from a ConforMIS Total Knee Replacement

ConforMIS Total Knee Replacement Mobile, AL

No one would want to have a knee replacement if they can avoid it, but if you need one, and are opting for a ConforMIS Total Knee replacement, you should know what to expect. Before, during and after your procedure, you should be aware of the steps you should take and what will happen to you for each stage. One important thing you should know while considering the procedure is that all the ConforMIS products are cleared by the FDA.

Prior to your ConforMIS Total Knee Replacement

Millions of knee replacement procedures have been performed since they were developed, and physicians are well experienced with how this procedure should be done. You need to discuss every aspect of the procedure beforehand with your doctor, including when you will be admitted, what the admitting procedures are, how long you will be in the hospital and whether there are any x-ray or blood tests you may need.

You will also need to determine the type of anesthesia you will be receiving, and there will be other concerns you will need to address such as quitting smoking, losing weight and gathering information to bring with you. Once you have all the information you need, get a good night’s sleep before your procedure.

What are potential complications from a ConforMIS Total Knee Replacement?

You should be aware there may be complications when getting a knee replacement. You should keep your medical staff in the loop regarding your general health condition and any particular needs you may have. In any surgery, you may encounter the following complications: Anesthesia risks, blood clots, nerve or vessel injury, infection and post-op pain. You can avoid most of these complications by following the advice of your medical team.

What you should expect after your operation

After you get your knee replacement surgery, you will most likely be in some degree of physical pain and feel uncomfortable. You may have a limited range of motion and your movements may be restricted. You will have to begin physical therapy and this can last for several months before you are finished and you have a completely successful outcome to your procedure. You may need to have medical supplies, bandages and/or people to care for you and a walker or cane for mobility.

What are the typical results I can expect?

According to the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, the expectations between surgeons and patients were not aligned 50% of the time. Each person experiences different results from knee replacement surgery, and recovery timelines are not the same for everyone. There is no perfect way to plan a knee replacement procedure that prevents any complications, issues or problems from potentially occurring. There is inherent risk in any surgery, including knee replacement.

There may be quite a bit of initial pain following the procedure, but your physician will help you deal with these symptoms through medication and other pain reduction techniques. In most cases, there are successful outcomes if the patient follows doctor recommendations and follows through with proper physical therapy.

Are you in need of a total knee replacement?

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