What Is ConforMIS Knee Replacement?

ConforMIS Knee Replacement Mobile, AL

Looking for information on ConforMIS Knee Replacement? Sometimes people endure injuries or disease that require that they undergo knee replacement surgery. If you or someone you know is in this position and are considering your options, you should be aware the ConforMIS Knee Replacement is an excellent choice.

ConforMIS is a leader in custom knee replacement that uses only the highest-grade quality materials when manufacturing their knee replacements. Surgery time is minimal, and recovery is complete with the eventual full use of the affected knee as the most likely outcome.

How does knee replacement work?

A knee replacement consists of an artificial knee being implanted by surgery. Artificial knees are usually stock models within certain size ranges, but ConforMIS Knee Replacement is custom made for each patient and unique to their physiology. ConforMIS Knee Replacement is a superior-grade quality option versus traditional knee replacements which are not manufactured or created to the same high standards.

Knee replacement is usually not the first choice people make when they are being evaluated for knee health concerns. You will need to have an extensive consultation with your physician, go through surgery and eventually undergo physical therapy which can last up to several months. You may also need other assistance during this time and will need to fully prepare for every aspect of your care in the process.

ConforMIS Knee Replacement features

ConforMIS Knee Replacements are made from exceptionally high-quality materials. When these knee replacements are delivered, the replacements and a set of instruments are included for the surgery. There are several different types of ConforMIS Knee Replacements — one is for total knee replacement and two are for partial knee replacement. The total replacement option offers cruciate retaining (CR) and posterior stabilizing (PS) features. The partial replacements are the only patient-specific partial knee replacements available today.

The difference between ConforMIS and other options

ConforMIS offers the only truly custom-made knee replacements available in the world. ConforMIS performs an individual CT scan and uses data to custom manufacture a knee replacement specifically tailored to your body’s needs. Other traditional knee replacement options have a range of sizes which are not perfectly matched to your body’s anatomy. This can cause issues in some patients and these options do not perform as well as ConforMIS Knee Replacements. ConforMIS Knee Replacements fit your body, versus traditional options which have your body fit them.

Are you in need of a knee replacement?

ConforMIS Knee Replacement is an ideal solution for many people. ConforMIS is the only knee replacement option that offers a custom-made design that is tailored to the exact specifications your body requires. Advanced features in ConforMIS design will improve replacement performance when implanted, so you can use the knee replacement more effectively in real life. Traditional knee replacement does not offer superlative performance and may not fit or work as well when actually implanted. Choosing ConforMIS over other options means you will have a custom fit solution with the performance you can rely on for life.

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