Understanding Orthopedic Surgery: Bone and Joint Surgery Procedures

Learning more about how orthopedic surgery can help you deal with your musculoskeletal problem is a great idea. When you educate yourself on the topic of orthopedic surgical procedures, you will understand more about why surgical treatment is often necessary in order to repair any bone and/or joint-related problems you are currently living with, as these types of problems can easily get in the way of your living a happy and productive life.

About orthopedic surgery

Thinking you need to undergo orthopedic surgery so you no longer have to suffer from your musculoskeletal problems? Orthopedic surgery is often necessary as it can be used to treat a variety of problems taking place within your musculoskeletal system. The fact that the majority of today's orthopedic surgeries will involve the bones and/or joints means that, if you are currently experiencing these types of problems, finding out more about the procedures used to address these types of problems will be very beneficial for you.

Bone surgery procedures

Orthopedic surgery includes a variety of bone surgery procedures to help fix bone-related problems. These bone procedures include but are not limited to the following three procedures — fusion, internal fixation and osteotomy. Fusion is a surgical procedure that helps fuse the bones together, which is often done using a bone graft or a metal rod so that any damaged bone can be healed and made to be stronger. Internal fixation is an orthopedic procedure that utilizes metal plates, screws and/or pins in order to keep broken pieces of bone in place, which supports the bone while it heals. An osteotomy is a surgical procedure that fixes any bone deformities by cutting and repositioning the bone.

Joint surgery procedures

Orthopedic surgery also includes focusing on correcting any joint problems by using one of the many surgical procedures in place today for addressing joint problems. Total joint replacements are one of the more common types of procedures performed on patients who are experiencing joint problems and can be performed on the hips, knees and shoulders. The process requires an orthopedic surgeon to remove any worn-out joints and then replace them with artificial joints. The reason why someone would need to undergo this orthopedic surgical procedure is that their joints are so badly damaged that they are no longer able to move without experiencing a great deal of pain.

Ready to make an appointment for more information?

If you think you will need to undergo orthopedic surgery in order to repair any bone or joint problems, the first thing you need to do is make a consultation appointment for more information. Surgery is often the last resort when it comes to treating any bone or joint problems you are currently experiencing, making it essential for you to find out if there are other treatment options you can try first. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have regarding orthopedics.

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