Reasons to Consider Robotic Knee Replacement

Robotic Knee Replacement Mobile, AL

Looking for information on robotic knee replacement? There are several options for knee replacement therapy available, among them robotic knee replacement. When considering robotic knee replacement, you should think about the benefits, the time involved in the operation, recovery timeframes and many other factors. You may also want to think about the advantages of robotic knee replacement over alternatives.

Basic facts about robotic knee replacement

Typically, patients who have joint degeneration or extreme pain or a condition known as mid to late-stage osteoarthritis of the knee (OA) are good candidates for robotic knee replacement. A diagnosis will be made by a physician and then their recommendation will be made.

A robotic knee replacement is a knee replacement performed with the assistance of a robotic device. Robotic knee replacement usually has a good outcome when combined with appropriate post-operative physical therapy.

Advantages of robotic knee replacement

There are several distinct advantages to using robotic knee replacement. Robot-assisted knee replacement is minimally invasive, which causes less stress and trauma to the body. In many cases, hospitals or clinics performing the procedure choose to operate on an outpatient basis, which means you will have no lengthy hospital stays or high medical bills for inpatient treatment. Robotic knee replacement is safe and effective and very precision oriented and is performed along with hospital staff.

What to expect during the operation

You will undergo extensive consultation with your physician well prior to your surgery. A CT scan will be performed, and 3-D models of your knee will be made. Each patient is different, and your new robotic knee replacement will have to be custom made according to your anatomy.

You will need to follow your doctor’s orders regarding what to do before, during and after your operation. Recovery is essential and you will need to go through physical therapy in order for the outcome to go smoothly. It can sometimes take several months for physical therapy to be completed.

Choosing robotic knee replacement

When you have weighed the advantages of robotic knee replacement versus traditional options, you may find you like what you have discovered. If you have a physician you are seeing, take some time to discuss robotic knee replacement with them and see if they think it is a suitable choice for your case. If they or their hospital or clinic offer these services, you and your physician can make arrangements to have the procedure performed at an appropriate time, or they can recommend an institution.

Are you in need of a knee replacement?

If you have questions about robotic knee replacement, it is advised that you consult a specialist or physician who is knowledgeable about the procedure. Only a professional can give you all the information you need to know, so ask as many questions as you can think of when you meet with them before deciding if robotic knee replacement is right for you.

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