Is there an APP for that?

APPs Mobile, AL

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) are licensed healthcare providers (Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners) who are trained and educated similarly to physicians. Nurse Practitioners begin with training as a Registered Nurse and then complete additional schooling, clinical rotations, and examinations to become a nurse practitioner (CRNP). Physician Assistants earn a four year undergraduate degree prior to attending P.A. school where they receive classroom,lab,and clinical instruction. With thousands of hours of medical training, APPs are versatile and collaborative. They practice in every medical setting and specialty, improving healthcare access and quality. They may work in all areas of healthcare, including the operating room, emergency room, hospital floor, as well as in the clinic. APPs work under the supervision of and in collaboration with a licensed physician. They have many roles and responsibilities, especially in an orthopaedic practice.

In the clinic setting, they obtain pertinent medical histories, perform physical exams, interpret X-rays, administer joint and intramuscular injections, discuss treatment options, and prescribe medication. An orthopaedic APP’s job description includes managing the care of patients who suffer from a range of musculoskeletal conditions. From prescribing medications for the pain of a broken bone to analyzing x-rays of a hip replacement, orthopaedic APPs take care of patients with bone, joint and muscle problems from all populations.

In the operating room, APPs directly assist the orthopaedic surgeon throughout the entire procedure, starting with the initial preparation of the surgery, and ending with the closure of the incision. After surgery, they often perform rounds in the hospital to check on their patients and determine when they can be safely discharged home.

APPs are trusted medical professionals who work hand-in-hand with physicians to create a seamless environment of care. With the addition of APPs, there are more appointments available for patients, and care is often more cost-effective as well. Our practice is proud to have advanced practice providers who provide high quality care and allow our patients to have easier access to someone with a high level of training.

In my practice we have two APPs. This allows me to use their expertise to enhance the care provided by my practice and provide care to a larger population of patients. In many cases, access to our busy surgical practice is quicker because our APPs provide many additional appointment openings. Patients may often see one of our APPs in the hospital instead of Dr. Barber. Frequently, they will see BOTH. Our goal is to use a team approach to provide more care, better care, and quicker care.

For many patients first post-operative appointment, the APP is there to check the healing of your incision, range of motion progress, strength, review X-rays of your new implant with you, and address other questions that you may have. At this time, they can give you much needed feedback on your progress. As always, I am there and available to assist them as well. My APPs have been trained to specialize in the specific area of knee and hip replacement surgery and recovery. This makes them attune to your specific needs and provides the potential for improved outcomes.