How to Prepare for Hip Replacement Surgery

Hips are just like any other joint or bone in that they may be injured or fractured without notice. If you've ever struggled with severe hip pain, you might be considering hip replacement surgery. Just like any other surgery, there is a preparation process you'll need to follow.


You'll want to get familiar with your surgery so that you can know what to expect. There is a lot of intense hard work in the recovery process. Just think of this as the "breaking in" of your brand-new hip as you work to get used to it. Matthew D. Barber, M.D., and our team can help make each step as painless as possible. Read on to find out how you can get ready for your hip replacement procedure.

1.    Getting in Shape Before Surgery

Shedding a few pounds can heighten recovery efforts and speed up the process. Also, it's wise to throw in upper body strength training. This will help you manage the use of a walker or cane, as you will require strength in your arms to pull your lower body weight. You may even want to consider obtaining your walker in advance and practicing with it around the house prior to the procedure.

2.    Consider Its Impact on Daily Life

Surgery is a major change. You need to expect that it will impact most daily living activities such as work for a while. You may want to consider applying for a short leave of absence during active recovery. Take time to consider how your temporary partial immobility might affect your chores, your day-to-day activities, and your access to essential items. Make arrangements to ensure that you get food, groceries, and help around the house as you recover.

3.    Make Necessary Accommodations

Recent hip replacement surgery can impact your life, so making healthy adjustments becomes necessary for you to heal. Getting a home base camp established with phones and other devices will help you greatly since you'll need to limit your mobility during the initial days of recovery. Rearranging your furniture, in most cases, is strongly advised, and you should get ready to remain on the first floor of your home. Again, you will need to network with family and trusted friends for assistance with shopping and other errands.

4.    Research

Research can help you prepare for hip replacement surgery. You'll need to know about the procedure and what will happen before, during, and after. You should become familiar with the different types of prosthetic hips available and the various hip replacement joints out there. You can look at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons website for information on hip replacement surgery and recovery.


The Practice of Matthew D. Barber, M.D is another good source for you to address your concerns. Our practice can provide recommendations on what to do during the rehab process. Your therapist can offer additional tips for a safe and speedy recovery.


Hip pain is something that can be resolved with a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Your recovery is important to us. For more information about the procedure or to get a clear diagnosis, reach out to Matthew D. Barber, M.D. Simply call or contact us online today for an appointment in Mobile, AL.

While Dr Barber focuses exclusively on the management of knee and hip problems with a focus on joint replacement procedures, he is proud to be a source of information for patients and has several specialist partners at ALABAMA ORTHOPAEDIC CLINIC who are available to treat any orthopedic condition.