Custom Total Knee Replacement Using Conformis Technology

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Wondering which of the knee replacement options available today will work best for you? Whether you need one of your knees replaced or both, the primary goal is to be pain-free. You want the natural motion of your knees to be restored in a way that allows you the ability to once again engage in a healthy and active lifestyle. Ready to find out more about why so many patients are choosing customized knee replacements?

Custom total knee replacements

Custom total knee replacements simply allow for better knee alignment and better knee orientation. Computer-assisted knee replacement options are the way of the future, which means more surgeons are adding this updated knee replacement technology to their list of orthopedic services. Customized knee replacement services allow orthopedic surgeons to utilize the robotic technologies that create a more precise model of a patient’s knee, giving them the detailed information that they need to perform the surgery much more efficiently.

Conformis technology and its benefits

Conformis uses cutting-edge medical technologies to create knee implants for patients that match their particular anatomy. Every patient is unique in that their knees are different from other patients' knees, which means that they will benefit from choosing this updated knee replacement option.

A custom made knee is simply going to fit a patient much better, and for that reason, the patient will experience a number of benefits when choosing to have one or both of their new knees created using Conformis technology. The following is a list of three benefits that come with selecting Conformis technology to create customized knee replacements.

Better balance

Because Conformis technology creates a custom knee for every patient, they will experience an overall better balance in the knee. A better balance allows for a higher range of motion, which in turn allows the patient a more natural feel.

Preserves more bone

The detailed information Conformis technology uses means that patients will often experience less bone loss. This preservation of natural bone is especially crucial for patients who will need to have more knee-related surgeries performed in the future.

Less pain

Customized knee replacements are made to fit the patient exactly. When traditional knee replacement surgery is chosen, there is a chance that certain parts of the resurfaced knee will not be an exact fit. When the fit is not exact, the patient will often experience pain due to the implant rubbing against the patient's soft tissues.

Ready to make an appointment for custom total knee replacement?

After reading the above information, do you think custom total knee replacement is the right choice for you? For you to learn more about this option, you will need to make a consultation appointment with one of our experienced orthopedic surgeons for more information. There are a few more things to learn about; for example, the process of using custom total knee replacement with robotic technology often takes a little longer when compared to traditional knee surgery. The additional time is necessary to create a customized 3D model of the knee, which often takes anywhere between three and four weeks to complete. Call us now to find out more.

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