5 Signs You Could Have a Possible Hip Problem

Hip problems can be either temporary or chronic, but chronic problems often worsen with time and without treatment. Common hip problems include multiple forms of arthritis, fractures, sprains, avascular necrosis and sciatica, among others.

Often, treatments for hip problems include rest, cold applications, and pain or inflammation-reducing medications. However, in severe cases of fractures or arthritis, surgical repairs or total hip replacements may be the best treatment option. With all hip problems, though, there are five major signs that suggest treatment is needed.

1.   Pain or Discomfort

Usually, the biggest sign of a hip problem is pain and discomfort in the hip or groin. Hip pain can range from mild to severe, and the onset of it can be either slow or sudden. The intensity and onset of pain can help health professionals pinpoint the source of the problem, so it's important to remember these factors when you decide to visit a professional for your hip pain. For example, mild to moderate pain that has slowly increased over months or years is more likely to indicate arthritis rather than a recent fracture.

2.   Hip Stiffness

Another common sign of an underlying hip problem is stiffness in the hip. This often occurs alongside pain in the hip and can indicate swelling, which may point to a more serious condition. If you experience hip stiffness along with bruising or bleeding, contact a health professional right away.

3.   Inability to Stand on One Leg

One easy test you can try at home to see if your hip is impaired is the "one leg test." To do this, try standing on just one leg, holding onto a piece of furniture for support if needed. If you are unable to stand on one leg or the other for more than a full minute, you may have an issue with one or both of your hips.

4.   Noises During Movement

Clicking or grinding sounds in your hips can indicate the onset of a problem. These sounds often occur during walking or moving, and they may or may not occur alongside pain.

5.   Hip Warmth and Swelling

The most concerning sign of a hip problem is warmth and swelling in the hip. Especially if you have experienced a recent fall or injury, swelling and tenderness can indicate a problem that needs to be looked at by a health professional immediately.



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