3 Frequently Asked Questions About Knee Replacement

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Wondering if you are in need of knee replacement surgery? If you have already tried other treatment options and they have not worked, then undergoing surgery in order to replace one or both of your knees is the next step. While the knee is the most commonly replaced joint in the body, your orthopedic surgeon will not make the decision to operate lightly, as every surgical process comes with its own risks.

What does knee surgery involve?

An orthopedic surgeon will first focus on removing any damaged bone and cartilage present, which allows them to then place the artificial implant into the knee. The goal is to restore the alignment of the knees, which is going to improve the overall functioning of the knees. The entire surgical process tends to take anywhere between one and two hours to complete.

3 Knee replacement FAQs

The questions below are some of the more frequently asked questions people have when they are in need of knee replacement surgery.

1. What kind of implants are used during knee replacement surgery?

A knee implant is made using metal as well as a medical-grade type of plastic. These materials are highly efficient when it comes to doing the job they are supposed to do and accordingly, most patients can expect their knee replacement implant to last about 20 years. A patient can expect to discuss the type of implants that will be used during their replacement surgery with their orthopedic surgeon and are encouraged to ask any questions they have at this time.

2. What type of anesthesia will be used?

Patients are encouraged to discuss their anesthesia options with their orthopedic surgeon before undergoing the surgical process. As with any type of surgery, anesthesia comes with its own risks. While there are risks associated with using anesthesia, these risks are very low. Some of the more common types of anesthesia that can be chosen by those who need to undergo knee replacement surgery include general anesthesia, an epidural and a regional nerve block anesthesia.

3. Will there be a lot of pain during the recovery process?

Patients can expect to experience various levels of pain after the surgery has been performed. This pain should be gone in about five days, and will then be replaced by various levels of discomfort during the recovery process. Because patients can expect to experience some pain, they will receive a prescription for pain medication to provide them with some relief. Patients will also need to carefully follow any physical therapy instructions given to them, as this will result in a speedier recovery.

Do you need a knee replacement?

Now that you understand a little more about knee replacement surgery, do you have any additional questions? We invite you to call us today to schedule a consultation. You can bring all of your questions with you to your appointment so that you can receive all of the answers you need. The more prepared you are to undergo this type of orthopedic surgery, the more likely you will experience a successful outcome.

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